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Open Committees

We’re recruiting for the following committees,
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HR Committee

- Prepare GAP Analysis and discuss with directors.
- Ensure all members get value through monthly feedback.
- Responsible for recruiting and talent management.
- Set and implement rules for communications systems.
- Effective evaluation system to the board members ( KPIs and Feedbacks ).
- Implementing rewarding and penalties' system.
- Responsible for the crew motivation.
- Cover needed trainings and bootcamps for members.

External Relations

Fundraising Committee

-Covering all XProject Financial needs and provide Catering for every event in the year.
-Responsible for making sponsorship to cover needed money to make our events.
-Responsible for Targeting huge companies for any service to enhance our image.
-To create database and target list for every event.
-Apply catering deals for Xproject events.
-Plan and create the needed proposal.
-Learn everything related to FR theoretically and practically.


- Responsible for representing X Project to any external stakeholders.
- Provide X Project with media coverage and VIPs for our events.
- Hosting X Project events
- Responsible for maintaining a database of speakers and VIPs.
- Represent X Project in media channels (TV, Radio, magazines, Newspapers ,etc…)
- Responsible for the ushering strategy during the recruitment phase.
- Responsible for creating scripts for any kind of outside representation for X Project with the help of the Project manager in case of any technical scripts.
- Responsible for preparing On-ground campaigns.

Internal Relations

Event Committee *FULLFILLED*

-Responsibility of achieving X Project objectives with events , sessions and activities.
-Represent X project image very will during season events .
-Responsibility of treating/working in a professional way.
-Developing X Project event mission and objective.
-Identify and establish partnerships & sponsors.
-Oversee each phase of the event to ensure it runs smoothly.
-Schedule staff and set up crews for the day of the event .
-Responsibility of research venues and vendors that fit the events within budget.
-Serving catering during events and sessions.
-Responsibility of perform tasks such as finding and booking venues, liaising with clients and suppliers, organizing accreditation, managing risk, and presenting post-event reports.
Brainstorming and implementing event plans and concepts.
-Organizing sports and entertainment activities during the season.
-Organizing main academic sessions and events.

Logistics & CDR

Logistics :
- Go and see our image and know how to brand yourself .
- Giving the activity the best image with the best material
- You are responsible for finding materials for every event
- And our comfort sweatshirts and ID's
- You need to be the best version with the best clothes
- You will learn how to communicate and close every deal (Communication skills)
- You will understand the mind of sellers and play it in gentle way
- You will learn negotiation
- Here's our ART
- Play with the colors and let our background speaks
- Feed it with creativity and use your hands well
- Decorate our events
- Decorate booths and handcrafts
- Coloring and making new ideas for decoration

Social Media Section

Marketing Committee

- Responsible for implementing and evaluating the marketing research & strategy for X Project.
- Responsible for engaging members to increase our page reach.
- Cope with last trends and international days.
- Responsible for social media plans and executions.
- Responsible for ideas for the content of X Project's social network activity (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Website)
- Responsible for marketing and social media ideas generations.
- Putting marketing members as reps in other committees to develop better ideas for each committee.
- Plan the cooperation between marketing and graphic design members along with graphic design director.

Graphic Design Committee

- Design, update and maintain X-Project Identity.
- Responsible for providing all the needed designs used for marketing campaigns (t-shirts, flyers, rollups, IDs, banners, etc…).
- Sustaining professional and high quality designs for X Project's social media channels.
- Plan the cooperation between marketing and graphic design members along with marketing director.

Camera Team

- Cover all events through photography and videography.
- Producing and editing all the needed documentaries for all X-Project events.
- Plan and record X Project Vlogs.
- Cooperate with marketing and graphic design members to maintain better media coverage.

Web Development Team

- Manage the website during the whole season.
- Make the website updated with the events and forms want to be refilled.
- Design and test pages and forms on the website.


Project Management Committee

- Set the academic program and timeline according to our criteria.
- Set and implement training programs for X Project’s board.
- Deal with AC sponsors and organisations and following-up with them.
Coordinating the AC sessions.
- Preparation of Pitching day or phase.
- Responsible for preparing any academic event powered by X Project in collaboration with other section.

Juniors & SR Committee

- Juniors will be prepared to explain any topic simply and in an innovative way by comprehensive trainings.
- Plan and organize a charitable and joyful programs.
- Organize new and creative charitable events and deal with different segments.
- Plan the juniors program for the season.
- Plan schools visits and bootcamps for juniors.
- Prepare for projects/fun days.
- Plan and implement an awareness campaign.


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