Who are we?

Who are we?

X Project is a student activity at the Faculty of Commerce – Cairo University.
In 2012 we decided to make an organization to include all the entrepreneurs from all faculties at all universities, and give them sessions on Entrepreneurship to be on the business track and to enter this field during their university period

What we do?

What we do?

Our aim is to enable the people who have ideas about businesses to convert them into real businesses through our Business Plan Competition. This will include advanced training in Entrepreneurship which will enable them to start their own businesses and manage them easily with the full conviction that will help to develop the economy of Egypt and change the shape of our nation on the business map.

Projecting the conceptual plans on the reality and applicability levels is our duty. We are in the helping booth for whoever wants the assistance and support. Changing the shape of our nation on the business map is what we are doing.




> +15 Entertainment Events (Trips, sports day, and Cycling days).
> +10 Booths on Cairo University, Nile University, Ain Shams University.
> Organizing more than 15 Academic events.
> Organizing more than 10 offline Campaigns to spread the idea of our activity.

Public Relations Committee:

> +50 media sponsors like (El-youm7, El-watan, Shbabik, Veto, Al-Ahram, El-Gomhoria, Dot Misr, CairoDar and others)
> +5 media channels talked about us (DMC, المصریة الفضائیة ,Elnahar, Nile culture, Rotana Masriya and others)
> +100 Speakers to be with us on our events like (Andrew Ashraf, hossam haikel , Akram Marwan ,Eman Morsy, Ahmed Adel, Mostafa Seif, Ali Abdel Azim, and others)
> Dealing with signers and bands to be the entertainment time on our events

Fundraising Committee:

> +50 Catering Sponsors (Egypt Foods, Pizza King, Bonjorno, Exception, Red pull and others)
> +15 Funding Sponsors (Vodafone, Samsung, Islamic Faisal Bank, الفرقة المصریة للمواد البترولیة , Inosphere and 4 others)
> +10 Community Partners (Meshkah, Makan coworking space, Ebda3, Caravan
and other)
> +5 Printing sponsors (Xerox, simian, Concord for Notebooks).
> +5 PrintingFactories (Premota)

Project Management Committee:

> +50 Project during the 8 years.
> +20 Academic deals and startups (Injaz Misr 8 times, GIZ, EYouth, Awtad, El-Makkar, ToGether for E-Commerce, infosphere,Innoventures, Middle East Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship and others)
> +1000 Trainees had experience about entrepreneurship.
> +100 Project Managers lead entrepreneurs to apply their ideas.
> +5 Academic Events (El-Mashrou3, Mashrou3 Entrepreneur, and others)
> Through the 8 years we had 8 judging sponsors to judge our final competition like Flat6Labs and judges from INJAZ Misr.

Juniors and Social Responsibility Committee:

> Visiting more than 5 hospitals (57357 and Abou El-rish)
> Visiting more than 5 Schools to spread the idea and the university life to School students.
> Visiting more than 5 Orphanage.
> Visiting more than 5 Old age Homes.
> Dealing with Misr El-Kheir to be with them in their events (الطعام بنك ,حمله كساء)
> Visiting more than 5 poor towns to distribute clothes and blankets to poor people.
> Feeding more than 150 poor families on Ramadan month.
> Feeding more than 150 poor fellows on Ramadan month.


> +50 online campaign to be on all social media platforms.
> Creating the website of X Project
> +45,000 likes on Facebook page
> +1300 followers on Instagram page
> +50 newsjacking posts on our platforms.
> Creating 8 videos for every season to memorize them on our social media platforms.
> Making more than 50 photography campaigns to spread our events and to make a big coverage to everyone.
> Designing more than 1000 design to post it on social media platforms.


> +20,000 interview for members and Trainees.
> +50,000 Application.
> +5,000 Database to be the source of us to spread our idea.

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