X PROJECT'23, An Entrepreneurial Journey!

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X Project Committees

Our structure aims to keep our committees energized and engaged in all phases while supporting each others to produce an amazing output this season.
Click on committee name to view its description:

MultiMedia SECTION

Web Development Committee

Learn web design and how to make a professional website.
🔸 X Project site management and development.
🔸You will learn the basics of web development in two sections, the Front-End or the Back-End and learn frameworks or discover new ones.
🔸Supervise on participants' final projects.

Marketing Committee

🔸Provide new ideas and writing content for all X Project campaigns.
🔸Managing social media pages and setting up all events.
🔸Online coverage for all X Project events.
🔸Learn to lead and work with a team.
🔸Responsible for presenting sessions for marketing.
🔸responsible for providing presentation and communication skills.

Graphic Design Committee

🔶Creating all the designs required by X project.
🔶Designing all printed materials for X project.
🔶Assessing other committees with their design needs.
🔶Maintaining and upgrading X project’s website design.

Camera Committee

▫️Full coverage of the campaigns and events.📸
▫️Covering other committees’ meetings.
▫️Making a short Video at the end of the year in order to recap what has been done during the year.ğŸŽ¥
▫️Increase the activity on social media.
▫️Preparing informative and motivational videos for X-PROJECT events to be used in marketing campaigns.


HR&QM Committee

- Prepare GAP Analysis and discuss with directors.
- Ensure all members get value through monthly feedback.
- Responsible for recruiting and talent management.
- Set and implement rules for communications systems.
- Effective evaluation system to the board members ( KPIs and Feedbacks ).
- Implementing rewarding and penalties' system.
- Responsible for the crew motivation.
- Cover needed trainings and bootcamps for members.


Project Management Committee

🔸Attend some meetings with heads that will help you develop your skills and information about entrepreneurship.
🔸 leading a team of Delegates.
🔸 helping your team to prepare the business plan for your project.📝
🔸Improving soft skills, leadership skills and presentation skills.

Juniors & social responsibility Committee

▪️Responsible for Big Charity Events and hold it. ğŸŽ¤
▪️Responsible for The Academic program for Jr Students in schools.
▪️Responsible for the event (life after high school). ğŸ‘¨â€ğŸŽ“
▪️Present the soft skills and Entrepreneurship content in schools.
▪️Responsible for elucidating the School Delegates.

Ac coaching

▪️calling Academic sponsors and separate professional trainers who will be instructors for the delegates and follow up with them.
▪️coordinating delegates sessions.
▪️preparing any academic event at X-Project.
▪️Coaching with the trainers for delegates sessions.
▪️coaching with delegates to make them gain the most benefit by extra soft skills sessions by AC members.
▪️pick themes for the talks of any event.

Operations Section

Public Relations

🔸Provide help to the Projects Major committee in securing Academic support entities.
🔸Maintaining good relations with the corporate sector.
🔸Are responsible for representing X-PROJECT to any external stakeholders.
🔸Provide X-PROJECT with media coverage and VIPs for our events.
🔸Represent X Project in media channels (TV, Radio, magazine, Newspapers, etc.…).
🔸Maintaining good relationships with visitors and speakers.
🔸Responsible for ushering system and strategy during the recruitment phase.
🔸Responsible for preparing On-ground campaigns.

Fund Raising

🔸Responsible for securing sufficient funding for X-PROJECT events & activities through sponsors or funding events.
🔸Develop new fundraising strategies for better sponsorships.
🔸Responsible for providing catering, annual & event sponsors.

logistics and events

It is based on good planning and the success of any organization comes from attention to the smallest details and good organizing in order to reach the best possible shape.🧡
Here are some of the responsibilities of this committee:
🔸Supply the events with the needed venues to be held in.
🔸Responsible for preparing Sports and entertainment events.
🔸Organizing all X-PROJECT Events.
🔸Doing all the logistical work for all X-PROJECT Events and Activities.
🔸Building any information desks or booths.
🔸Printing any posters, flyers, banners, certificates.
🔸Coordinating during X-PROJECT activities/events.
🔸Distributing materials in X-PROJECT activities/events.
🔸Managing, designing, and decorating the booth.

Presidential Council

People Behind X Project

You can’t start a journey without road guides. Know the Presidential Council:

Bassem Hossam


Rawan Khalid


Academic Program

Our Academic Program For 2024

XProject24 Our aim is to enable the people who have ideas about businesses to convert them into real businesses through our Business Plan Competition will support the delegates with training and workshops to Qualify them to manage their own Startups, We classify the ideas into 4 track fields: The Agricultural field, the Educational field, the Business field, and the women improvement fielded will select the idea of the project that meet X-project criteria and support The 18 UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).We will provide all needed training from the Idea generation stage until the MVP stage during 8 sessions


Idea generation


Soft Skills


 Marketing &marketing research






Business Plan Model Canvas





There will be a Competition to allow each team to represent their idea ( full Business plan model with a prototype) and we will select the best 3 ideas and support them with funds and mentorships to make their startup go to market.

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